My Twitter Story: Serendipity in Action!

Hello Friends: 

It all started on the morning of Wednesday, January 14, during Breakfast with Bob. 


Bob is Robert G. Allen, bestselling author of such books as How To Buy Real Estate with Nothing Down, The Road To Wealth, Multiple Streams of Income, and Multiple Streams of Internet Income, and co-author with Mark Victor Hansen of The One Minute Millionaire and Cracking The Millionaire Code.


And Breakfast with Bob is a weekly call that Robert Allen presents for protégés of The Enlightened Wealth Institute.  Since I am a protégé, I participate on the call every week.


On Wednesday, January 14, Bob told us he was calling from a cruise with about 150 renowned, established and savvy internet marketers and everybody on the cruise was talking about Twitter.


Haven’t heard about Twitter?


Twitter is described on it’s Web site as “a service for friends, family, and co-workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?


TIME Magazine says Twitter is on its way to becoming the next killer app.


Truth be told, I first heard about Twitter from Cyber PR Queen, Ariel Hyatt, at a bootcamp she presented on how to generate publicity for musicians as long ago as September 2007.  At the time, she said it is imperative that we join Twitter.


Did I listen then? 


No.  My excuse was that I had so much to do and that the last thing I needed was another distraction.


So months went by and I never did join Twitter, until last Friday, after listening to Bob.


I figured if Robert Allen is getting onto Twitter, I better be getting onto Twitter too!


So, now I am on Twitter and LOVE it!


On Twitter, you can follow what others are doing and others can follow you.


And by being on Twitter, your senses are stimulated and you discover intriguing things that are happening with people that you wouldn’t otherwise know.


As an aside, I first heard about the jet that landed in the Hudson from a post by one of the people I’m following on Twitter.


I learned about the actions someone from Arizona was taking to find a place to rent in Hollywood, California.


And I heard about an amazing new internet video system involving Amazon from internet audio and video guru, Mike Stewart.


In short, people, what I’m saying is:  Join Twitter NOW!


You have nothing to lose and so much to gain, and best of all it’s FREE!


And it will give you another way to follow me! 


OK, so I join Twitter, and now I’m browsing around and since I joined Twitter because of Robert Allen, I pop over to Bob’s profile to check out who he is following, and notice to my surprise that he is following Richard Branson.


Could that be THE Richard Branson, founder of Virgin, author of Losing My Virginity and Business Stripped Bare? 


Would someone as busy and established as THE Richard Branson be hanging out on Twitter?


No way.  Couldn’t be.  Must be someone else with the same name.


After all, there’s more than one John Smith in the world, and more than one David Jones.  So obviously the person must be some other Richard Branson.


But then a voice inside my head said:  “Robert Allen wouldn’t be following Richard Branson unless it was THE Richard Branson.” 


And I knew from a previous Breakfast with Bob call that Bob had been to Necker Island, the 74-acre private island Richard Branson owns in the British Virgin Islands, so I concluded that it must be THE Richard Branson.


So then I thought to myself:  “If Bob is following Richard Branson, I want to follow him too!”


So I clicked on the little icon representing Richard Branson and landed on a page with the moniker helpmenow.  I then attempted to add my name to the list of people following Richard Branson, and was met with a statement that said I had to put in a request to follow Richard Branson.  So I put in the request and am waiting to hear if my request will be granted.


The next thing that happened, though, was that I clicked on the link to and landed at Richard Branson’s Blog at


By the way, if you click on this link now, you’ll see a smokin’ hot picture of five gorgeous Virgin flight attendants in beautifully stylish red Virgin uniforms as part of Richard Branson’s Blog post entitled “Virgin Atlantic:  25 years and still red hot.”


A few days ago, though, when I clicked on the link, I saw the post entitled:  “Meet Heaven’s Angels rider – Helen Adipo.”  You’ll find it when you click on the following link:


And, ladies and gentlemen, after you watch that video, you’ll see what motorbikes have to do with The Alive with Clive Top 20!


You see, as previously mentioned, my plan is to sell, for $20 each, 50 million copies (or a downloadable version) of the compilation CD being created with a song from each musician who has been interviewed on Alive with Clive and ends up in The Alive with Clive Top 20, to raise at least a billion dollars for people suffering from AIDS and to prevent the further spread of AIDS in South Africa.


My philosophy is that if people are healing and not stricken by AIDS, they are able to become productive members of society and those who have been caring for them are then freed up to become productive members of society too.  Productive members of society are more likely to be consumers of goods and services produced and provided by companies that employ people who earn income to keep the wheels of economies around the world in motion and thriving.  So it is in everyone’s best interests for as many people who inhabit the earth to be healthy and well.


Now, from the blog post and video about Helen Adipo, above, you’ll see that Virgin’s not-for-profit foundation, Virgin Unite, raised money to supply Helen Adipo and others in the rural village of Usenge, Kenya, with motorbikes to enable her and others to deliver medicine to AIDS sufferers in remote areas and also use the motorbikes to help generate income.


Think of all the components that go into making a motorbike from the raw materials like rubber and metal to the manufactured finished goods like the engine, the tires and the wires.  Think of the impact of multiplying what has been accomplished in the rural village of Usenge, Kenya, with what would be accomplished by adding another billion dollars to help people suffering from AIDS in South Africa.


As a reminder, my promise for the world is that “by 2030, every person on the planet is lit up, fully self expressed and living passionately, creating an upward spiral of brilliance and joy beyond belief.”


I’m heartened to learn about what Virgin Unite is doing in the rural village of Usenge, Kenya, and am looking forward to making the contribution I envisage with the funds raised from the sale of the Alive with Clive compilation CD.


By the way, these above-mentioned actions by Richard Branson, Virgin and Virgin Unite could be said to represent a living, breathing example of synergistic philanthrocapitalism in action because of the goodwill being generated for the Virgin brand by Virgin Unite.  For more information about synergistic philanthrocapitalism, go to


And the way I found Richard Branson’s Blog after my Breakfast with Bob call via Twitter is an example of serendipity in action!


By the way, if you want to follow Robert Allen, his Twitter moniker is bestsellerbob.  I know he won’t mind me telling you because he wants lots of people to follow him.  I also want a lot of people to follow me and myTwitter moniker is high5clive.


Best regards.



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  1. Martin Hotz says:


    Do you still play golf?

    Your old Camps Bay mate – I was at Youngsfield with you snd that Worrall character. Anyway now I live in Sydney, Australia. Just happened across your blog and Alive with Clive. All good stuff. Drop me a line sometime.

    Totsiens (lol)




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    amazing, great written and include approximately
    all important infos. I would like to look more posts like this .

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