Earn Your Share of Amazon Kindle Royalties – ASAP!

Hello Friends:

Did you know amazon.com has well over 112 MILLION unique visitors to its site — EVERY DAY — and those visitors have their credit cards out ready to buy?!

If you’re not published on Kindle yet, you’re missing out on some major sales…

The secret to successful publishing on Kindle is NOT simply throwing one book up on Kindle and hoping buyers will find it.

After you learn how to publish your first book on Kindle if you haven’t already done so, the secret is to write an entire Kindle SERIES that will:

  • Sell itself (without you having to market it);
  • Entice Amazon to sell it FOR you (without you having to pay Amazon to do so);
  • Make a boatload of money on the back-end (with sneaky ninja marketing tricks only successful authors know); and
  • Spread your message to thousands (potentially MILLIONS) of people.

Since I personally believe being a successful Kindle author is such a big deal, I’m publishing this Blog post specifically to introduce you to my personal friend and Kindle rockstar, Kristen Joy, the creator of the Kindle in 30 Challenge.


Kristen Joy a/k/a Kristen Eckstein, The Book Ninja

==> The Kindle in 30 Challenge <==

Coupon code: kindle300 to save $300 (EXPIRES on 12/29/14 at 11.59 p.m. Pacific time!)

Kristen has become internationally known for her Kindle Author’s Quick Guide Series:


And the results she’s achieved from publishing her series on Kindle have been nothing short of astounding:

  • Her Kindle book sales skyrocketed 878% within the first 12 weeks — and have consistently grown since!;
  • Many of her titles CONTINUE to hit the Amazon Best Sellers lists without any additional effort — even a year later;
  • Experts and international magazines seek her out for interviews and ask her to speak at their events — a couple times per week;
  • Backend sales from her other products advertised in her Kindle books continue to pour in; and…
  • She turned her knowledge of Kindle into a multi-six-figure business.

Are you ready to learn from a true proven expert just like 1,000 other smart people already have?

The next Kindle in 30 Challenge starts on January 1, 2015… so go and kick off the New Year in style!

For a very limited time, you can save BIG$300 — with coupon code kindle300 and get in for OVER 50% off!

==> Click Here For The Kindle in 30 Challenge <==

Coupon code: kindle300 (EXPIRES on 12/29/14 at 11.59 p.m. Pacific time!)


Not sure if this Challenge is for you? Just look at what previous attendees have to say:

Kristen is the real deal – she is The Book Ninja. In Kristen’s Kindle in 30 Challenge, I learned more about all aspects of publishing on Kindle than I have from any other book publishing coach. Go for it!” ~ Carolyn White, PhD

Any person who is at all wondering about any part of the publishing process should sign up for Kristen’s Challenge. She covers all the bases from content creation to the detailed aspects of software, formatting and editing of your book, to book covers and marketing. It’s comprehensive without being overwhelming.” ~ Dorothy Tannahill-Morgan

Think long and hard before you pass up an opportunity to participate in Kristen’s Challenge and interaction with all the quality writer participants she recruits, beginners and multi-published. Don’t fret over the cost. It’s worth it. Don’t say you don’t have the time. You’ll find it. If you want a faster path to improved quality writing in less time, an opportunity for flawless publishing, and developing a highly effective, productive marketing process, join Kristen’s Kindle in 30 Challenge. You’ll learn more than even you thought there was to learn.” ~ Jeff Ezell

This Challenge is so good that dozens of previous attendees have already signed up to take it AGAIN!

Remember, coupon code kindle300 to save $300 expires at 11.59 p.m. Pacific time on December 29, 2014, so sign up now and save!

To your success,

Best regards.


Talking Health, Wealth and Wisdom

P.S. Think about what not being published on Kindle is costing you… passive income, credibility, the chance to reach a new level in your business…. Kick off 2015 with the power ONLY having a Kindle series will give you! Power you will get from The Kindle in 30 Challenge, which you’ll find when enter Coupon code kindle300 to save $300 after you CLICK HERE!

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