Clive Swersky is the host and producer of Alive with Clive Where Today’s Top Singer-Songwriters Thrive!

Clive Swersky, Host and Producer of Alive with Clive

Clive Swersky, Host and Producer of Alive with Clive

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The sub-title for Alive with Clive was originally Turning Your Passion Into Profit.  Alive with Clive was subsequently referred to as The TV Show That Inspires You To Multiply Your Magnificence!  Since the show in recent years has evolved to be dedicated to shining the spotlight on today’s top emerging and established singer-songwriters, it is now being referred to as The TV Show Where Today’s Top Singer-Songwriters Thrive!

Alive with Clive nevertheless continues to be directed towards providing inspiration to singer-songwriters and others to pursue their passions in life and fulfill their dreams, and each show commences with a brief segment called Clive’s Words of Wisdom — wisdom Clive has gained through his own experiences on the road to dealing with the joys and challenges of turning passions into profit.

As a result of overcoming a major life-threatening health challenge in 2011, Clive has learned a lot about the benefits of a nutritious diet and detoxification to minimize the impact of toxicity to which human beings are ongoingly exposed.

In addition, Clive received his Masters in Tax Law (LL.M) from Boston University in 1983, practiced as a tax lawyer for 9 years at three different law firms in Manhattan, and has also been a financial advisor as well as a stock and options trader.

Clive is a voracious student of all different forms of marketing, especially internet marketing, to enable companies, charities and individuals to achieve optimum fulfillment in life.  He is also the man who coined the term, synergistic philanthrocapitalism — the exciting new way to do business so that everybody wins, to add a turbocharger to all endeavors involving cause-related marketing.

One mission of Alive with Clive, therefore, is to create synergies between companies, singer-songwriters and charities, and Clive has begun to implement plans for The 1st Alive with Clive 10K Charity Extravaganza in which $10,000 raised from guests, fans and sponsors of Alive with Clive will be distributed to charities whose supporters enter contests involving shows featured on Alive with Clive.  For more information about this endeavor, click here.

Before June of 2014, the posts on this Blog were mainly about Alive with Clive, The Alive with Clive Top 20, and synergistic philanthrocapitalism.  With the recent upgrade of the Web site for Alive with Clive, news about Alive with Clive and The Alive with Clive Top 20 can now be found at http://www.alivewithclive.tv.  In due course, information will about synergistic philanthrocapitalism will be shared on a different Web site.

On this Blog, with effect from June 1, 2014, Clive will share insights about health, creating wealth, and engaging wisdom for life, and will refer to various products and services he recommends, in keeping with his promise for the world, which is to create an upward spiral of brilliance and joy in the world!



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