Alive with Clive Is Now Truly Global!

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Thursday, February 3, 2011, will go down in history as an important day in the life of Alive with Clive – The TV Show That Inspires You To Multiply Your Magnificence!


With the launch of The Alive with Clive Global Community on February 3, Alive with Clive has become a truly global TV show, in that people with access to the Internet all over the world can now see it.


To find out about The Alive with Clive Global Community, click here.


Until now, the full length Alive with Clive shows have been (and will continue to be) broadcast only on Channel 76 in White Plains, New York, on Mondays at 8.30 p.m. and on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. (as well as in certain other surrounding areas).  And over 115 video clips from Alive with Clive have been posted for viewers all over the world on The Alive with Clive TV Channel on YouTube, which you’ll find when you click here.


But now at last, each full length 30-minute Alive with Clive show is available on the Internet to anyone who wants to see it each week, FREE, at any time between Noon on Thursdays and 11.59 p.m. the following Wednesday, Eastern time.


The first Alive with Clive show to be available for viewing in this way features Shannon Marsyada Trio, a Hazleton, PA-based folk/rock/pop band in which singing and songwriting dynamo, Shannon Marsyada, is accompanied by her husband, Mike, on drums, and their friend, Lisa Welch, on bass.



Shannon Marsyada

Shannon Marsyada



To see the show featuring Shannon Marsyada Trio before it is replaced on February 10, and any of the others from now on, FREE, all you have to do first is register as a Bronze Member of The Alive with Clive Global Community!  To register, click here.


Here is a current list of already-recorded shows of guests to be featured on Alive with Clive in the weeks ahead. (All guests listed are singer/songwriters unless otherwise indicated.):


  • February 10 to 16 – Kama Linden
  • February 17 to 23 – Allison Tartalia
  • February 24 to March 2 – Julie Kathryn
  • March 3 to March 9 – Nini + Ben
  • March 10 to March 16 – Jeneen Terrana
  • March 17 to March 23 – Lance Rosenthal (computer coach for seniors)
  • March 24 to March 30 – Natasha Alexandra (NLX)
  • March 31 to April 6 – Inna Bey with Roberto Perez
  • April 7 to April 13 – Mr. Hunter (Kara Ayn and Chris Marcus)
  • April 14 to April 20 – Celadon Candy (Paul Allgood, Jason Bowden and Josh Whitehead)
  • April 21 to April 27 – Cat Cat Cat (Catherine Stephani and Nick Stephani)


The mission of Alive with Clive is to enable guests who are fully self expressed in pursuing their passions or fulfilling their dreams to gain additional exposure for their endeavors and talents, and in so doing inspire others to do what it takes to pursue their passions and fulfill their dreams too.


To see the recent Press Release about the creation and launch of The Alive with Clive Global Community, click here.


Best regards.




(914) 274-8280


www.alivewithclive.tvIt’s not just a TV Show.  It’s a Global Community!


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