The First Person To Be Seen With Me In My “I’m Alive with Clive” T!

Hello Friends:

I’m about to make an exciting announcement in my next Blog post.  Before I do, though, I need to tie up one loose end left from my previous Blog post I published on March 4, 2013.

If you read that Blog post, you will have noted that I promised to reveal “The first person in the world to be featured in a picture with me wearing my ‘I’m Alive with Clive’ T-shirt!”

Before I reveal who that is, I’d first like to provide you with some background information:

In my previous Blog post, I posted this picture of me standing at the top of Table Mountain in the middle of two beaches, Clifton and Camps Bay, and mentioned that Clifton Beach is my most favorite beach in the world:

Camps Bay and Clifton Beaches in the background

Camps Bay and Clifton Beaches in the background

The weather in Cape Town on January 31, 2012 – the day on which I lost my [“I’m Alive with Clive T-shirt’s] virginity – was absolutely spectacular. In the afternoon of that day, after I went up the Cableway, I went to Clifton Beach, and since I was still wearing my “I’m Alive with Clive” T-shirt, I had a couple of pictures taken of me on the beach.

Here’s the first, beneath the mountain known as Lion’s Head:

Lion's Head from Clifton

The view of Lion’s Head from Clifton

And here’s the second, taken later in the afternoon:

The view of Clifton from 4th Beach

The view of Clifton from 4th Beach

In the background, you can almost see the incredible multi-million dollar mansions, each a feat of engineering in its own right, that have been erected on the steep mountain slopes above the roads at the top of the beach.

For those not yet familiar with the parking situation in Cape Town, now whenever you park your car there, you are invited to tip the parking attendant in each parking lot.  These attendants are part of some unofficial yet organized group of parking attendants.  They help you to locate parking spots in busy areas, help direct you when squeezing your car into tight spaces, watch your car for you while you are at your destination, and give you far more value than you get from putting money in a meter, so I always tip the attendants and tend to engage them in conversation to find out about their lives.

The parking attendant on duty at the top of 4th Beach, Clifton, when I went to retrieve my car after being on the beach on January 31, was a man by the name of Junior Baraka.  He told me he is from The Congo and had recently earned R3,500 (approximately $400) by teaching a couple how to speak French over the course of six months.  I suggested that he build a Web site to let people know that he provides French lessons, and steered him towards to learn how to create a Web site for free.

He was thrilled with the information I conveyed to him, since he thought he couldn’t afford to build a Web site, and saw it as a gateway to creating a rewarding future.

To commemorate the occasion, I asked a friend of his to take a couple of pictures with him and me in the dusk.

So here, ladies and gentlemen, are the pictures of me and Junior Baraka, the first person in the world to be seen in a photograph with me on the day I lost my [“I’m Alive with Clive” T-shirt’s] virginity.


Clive Swersky with Junior Baraka, the first person in the world to be photographed with me in my "I'm Alive with Clive" T!

Clive Swersky with Junior Baraka, the first person in the world to be photographed with me in my “I’m Alive with Clive” T!


The picture of Clive Swersky with Junior Baraka, with our backs to you

The picture of Clive Swersky with Junior Baraka, with our backs to you

When you go to Cape Town, I highly recommend you visit Clifton Beach and, yes, have a swim in the ice-cold Atlantic Ocean there too.  It will be one of the most refreshing things in your life you ever do!

Stay tuned for my next Blog post with my exciting announcent, which I’ll be publishing soon.

Best regards.


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