Announcing The Alive with Clive SuperStar Contests!

Hello Friends:

I am excited to announce that plans are in the works for the creation of The Alive with Clive SuperStar Contests.

The Alive with Clive SuperStar Contests will consist of a series of contests in the months ahead, each involving sixteen singer/songwriters who have been interviewed on Alive with Clive.

Each week, two contestants will be in competition with each other to determine who earns the most votes from Members of The Alive with Clive Global Community to move to the next round.

The first contest will involve the shows on Alive with Clive of the first 16 singer/songwriters who were interviewed on Alive with Clive after June 2011, and is scheduled to take place over 15 weeks, starting as soon as possible.  Furthermore, the draw for the first contest has already been established.

Alive with Clive

The Alive with Clive Logo and Slogan

Pursuant to the plans for each contest:

  • Members who vote each week will be entered in drawings to win prizes provided by sponsors.
  • A major prize will be awarded to someone who votes in every week of the contest, and only those who have been Silver Members before the start of the ninth week of the contest will be eligible to win the major prize.
  • The singer/songwriter who wins each contest will be awarded a grand prize provided by sponsors and will gain the distinction and enjoy the prestige of becoming an Alive with Clive SuperStar.
  • The runner up and the other two semifinalists will also receive prizes provided by sponsors.
  • Sponsors will gain exposure for providing the prizes.
  • To be eligible to win prizes and vote, Members will be required to answer five questions from each show.
  • At the time of voting, Members will have the opportunity to make donations to different charities, and sponsors will be sought to match gifts made by Members dollar for dollar.
  • Sponsors will be determined through bidding.

In due course, The Alive with Clive SuperStars from the different contests will be invited to perform at major Alive with Clive SuperStar concerts for the benefit of different charities, and these concerts will be broadcast over the Internet.

Only singer/songwriters who have been guests on Alive with Clive are eligible to participate in these contests, and these contests provide yet another reason why it is beneficial for a singer/songwriter to be a guest on Alive with Clive.

The contests are intended to capitalize on the strong interest in song contests generated by American Idol, The X Factor and The Voice.

As steps are taken to implement these contests, it is likely that aspects of the plan will be modified to incorporate new ideas and suggestions.

Sponsors interested in taking advantage of the benefits this contest will provide should send an email as soon as possible to clive at (use @ sign) with the words: Sponsor for SuperStar Contests on the subject line.

Stay tuned for more exciting news about The FIRST Alive with Clive SuperStar Contest!

Best regards.


www.alivewithclive.tvmultiplying magnificence one guest at a time!’s not just a TV Show.  It’s a Global Community.

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