A Secret About Melissa Wrolstad I Didn’t Know!

Hello Friends:

The stage is set for a fabulous concert at the home of Holly Yee this evening to celebrate the release of Adventures of a Cheese Princess, the brand new EP by Melissa Wrolstad.

Singer/songwriter, Melissa Wrolstad

Melissa Wrolstad

Those who attend are destined to experience one of the most enchanting and invigorating evening of their lives with Melissa and Cassandra Kubinski, a mind-blowingly gifted and talented singer/songwriter whose songs will take your breath away!

Singer/songwriter, Cassandra Kubinski

Cassandra Kubinski

When I interviewed Melissa on Alive with Clive in September of 2009, I remember mentioning that Melissa plays more musical instruments than anyone else I know.  She plays the guitar, the ukulele, the mandolin, the banjo, the accordion, the piano, the violin, and various percussion instruments.  And she sings!

What is especially inspiring about Melissa is that she does all that while maintaining a full-time job that involves the implementation of measures to nurture the planet!

One of the most amazing talents Melissa possesses is that she can sing her incredible song, “Tuna Paradise,” without laughing, although the big question on my mind is whether she’ll be able to sing it in its entirety tonight without laughing before she gets to the end?

To see why singing “Tuna Paradise” without laughing is such a challenge or such a feat, click here to watch the video clip on The Alive with Clive TV Channel on YouTube.

I still haven’t seen her sing another of the songs for which is famous, “Marry Me,” though, without her shedding a tear at the most intensely emotional part of the song, and you can see a video clip of her singing that song when you click here.

There is, however, one secret I didn’t know about Melissa until yesterday:  She is also a tap dancer!

To see Melissa play all the instruments she can play in one night would have meant that we’d have had to rent a truck to bring her and her instruments to Holly’s house, so instead she is going to bring as many as she can carry with her two hands and on her back.  But she is going to bring her tap shoes too to show us some “moves that would make Jagger proud!”

With Cassandra starting off the night with a bedazzling array of her mesmerizing songs, all who attend this concert are most definitely in for a treat!

And I’m also pleased to announce that the sound system for the concert is being provided by the capable and reliable, Andrew Jolda, from Arsen Events, LLC.

A few tickets are still available so if you want to be there for a memorable and delightful evening, click on the Buy Now button below to purchase your ticket(s) now before they are all claimed:

Free transportation from the Scarsdale station on the Harlem line to Holly’s home may be available.  To check, send an email to me as soon as possible to clive at alivewithclive.tv.

And remember, as mentioned on the page on my Web site about this concert, which you’ll see when you click here, only members of The Alive with Clive Global Community are eligible to win one of the six prizes being awarded, so if you aren’t already a member of The Alive with Clive Global Community, click here to become a member, FREE, now!

Holly, Melissa, Cassandra and I are looking forward to seeing you there.

Best regards.


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