Song # 20: “Love” by Daniel Angelus

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“Love” by Daniel Angelus is the 20th song in The FIRST Alive with Clive Top 20.


Daniel appeared on Alive with Clive on December 4, 2009.


Here is a picture of me with Daniel that was taken in the TV studio before his interview on Alive with Clive:


Daniel Angelus with Clive Swersky

Daniel Angelus with Clive Swersky


Daniel is a UK New Wave/New Romantic singer and musician.  He has devised a sound and song content surrounding the tragedies and joys in his personal life and the lives of those around him.  His songs carry lyrical power with fancy electronic melodies and epic high-pitched vocals. 


In the testimonial I provided for him, this is what I wrote: 


”With passionate heartfelt lyrics, combined with pulsating new age Bowie-like melodies, Daniel Angelus delivers a mesmerizing electro rock music experience ”


Until recently, he was a unique secret in British music.  His biggest hit, “LOVE,” will be released on his 15 track debut full-length album, EMPIRE | GHOSTS, on January 1, 2011.


This is what you will discover about Daniel, in his own words, on his Web site,  


this is the first time like i felt something was mine….like i have something to give….i searched every corner of the earth for something i loved….then i found a keyboard, some friends, a microphone and pen and paper…..and that night i married music. no one will ever change that….”


”my songs are personal and straight to the heart & they are very dark at times and uncomfortably and comfortably honest…..but that’s what i offer….you can connect to it….or you cant….i’m not out to impress people and i don’t want you to like ME…….i’m out to give people something to be a part of…….a musical experience that is enjoyable to those who want to enjoy it….”


”i use music as a medium to connect to what i have lost….i wake up everyday and can’t comprehend how disappointed i am at what life on earth has turned out to be like for me and those around me that i feel great love for after all i was told about life as a child….when i put my pen to paper and write….i fix the cracks in my past….i don’t want to be anything other than ”that guy who wrote songs that we liked and understood”….i dont want to be rich…i dont want a flashy car….i dont want to become what i dislike….i write songs about my [challenging] past and a constantly struggling life….i write songs about real events and real issues in the lives of myself and those around me and i write them in a very honest manner…..because i want to be honest about how i feel and to connect with how you feel…..and when i sing that song….i mean every word with pure emotion and honesty….”


”people compare me to some big names….that makes me uncomfortable….because i’m not capable of being any of those people….these names may boost my popularity maybe…..but i’m only capable of being daniel….the boy from a small town….who was bullied and tormented at school…..who never got to know his father….who felt abandoned…..who struggled to socialise in any normal manner…..that’s who i am behind what you may think you know…..and you will see and feel that through my music….so if you where to compare me to anyone….compare me to an abandoned and fragile soul…”


”when i perform live i FEEL….i feel connected….to the beat….to the synth….to the lyrics and to the world….i feel alive….i live for those moments and if i was to lose them….life would be far more difficult…..i write these songs with the intention of taking every chance i can to perform them as many times as i can…..if i was to die….i’d want to be remembered as the guy who gave you a [damn] good passionate honest show….”


”i have nothing to answer to….i just love the people who support my music….i love them immensely…and always will…..they make life so much more fun….and i hope i can give them just as much…”


And this is what Daniel has to say about his song, “Love”:


“I wrote the song after a hard break-up with a girl that i loved with all of my heart, life and possessions.  It was a few months after i got thinking about all the things that i could have done better.  I guess at times i felt guilty about the moments when i was selfish, or the moments when my faults and insecurities got in the way of what mattered most – LOVE.


“The chorus describes the situation it left a few people in my life in.  And how LOVE can do bizarre things to us humans.  Things like, trying to end your life because you feel that you don’t have one without LOVE.  I grew up with a gentleman who tried to do just that.


“That’s related in the chorus.


“The song is a tribute to survival, forgiveness, and being humble as a human and accepting that maybe WE aren’t the victims as we always feel we are, but we are actually somewhat responsible for some of the events that take place in our lives.


“Overcoming all odds and remaining here and living to fight another day.”


Here is the first verse from the song:


It’s so hard feeling this alone

Wishing I was better

This sadness don’t condone

I was so insecure

Blaming you for all my faults

How could I dare

To kill your dreams and hopes? 


Here is the video for the song, “Love” by Daniel Angelus:



To see video clips of Daniel singing “Cold,” and the first part of “I Died For Love,” on Alive with Clive on The Alive with Clive TV Channel on YouTube, click here. 


For additional information about Daniel and to listen to more of his songs, go to and    


Daniel is currently in 18th place in The Alive with Clive Top 20.  To vote for Daniel to move into the top spot in The Alive with Clive Top 20, click here.


To see who else is in The Alive with Clive Top 20, click here.


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