Song # 15: “Don’t” by Scott Urgola

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“Don’t” by Scott Urgola is the 15th song in The FIRST Alive with Clive Top 20.


Scott performed “Don’t” during his interview on Alive with Clive on May 21, 2010.


Here is a picture of me with Scott that was taken in the TV studio before his interview on Alive with Clive:


Clive Swersky with Scott Urgola

Clive Swersky with Scott Urgola


This is what you will discover about Scott from his Bio on his Web site,


Scott Urgola, a native of Somers, New York, is an up and coming alternative/indie/folk, singer/songwriter with a refreshingly raw sound.  He balances an innate sense of realism driven by engaging melodies and introspective lyrics.  In an article about Scott in BluesWax Magazine, contributing editor, Kyle M. Palarino, wrote:  ”I like Urgola’s writing for the same reason I like hockey, because you can’t take your eyes off it. If you do you just might miss the best part.”  Some of Scott’s biggest influences are Woody Guthrie, John Lennon, Tom Waits, Joe Strummer and Dan Bern.  Scott has released two fulllength solo albums of original material, his 2005 debut, Restoration Lullaby, and his latest work, Now’s The Time, released in early 2010.


During his interview on Alive with Clive, Scott revealed that while he grew up in a home in which music was always present, it wasn’t until he went to college that he first acquired an acoustic guitar and began to write songs in earnest.  He recorded songs on his computer and was encouraged to pursue his craft after he discovered that friends liked the songs he was performing and sharing on a makeshift demo album.  Not surprisingly, since after you hear Scott’s songs and read their lyrics on his Web site, it is clear that he is a brilliant songwriter.


In collaboration with the Somers Historical Society, on February 20, 2010, Scott held his CD release party for his second CD, Now’s The Time, with several other musical guests at what used to be The Elephant Hotel, which is now a National Historic Landmark, in Somers, the “Cradle of the American Circus.”  Hachaliah Bailey built the Elephant Hotel, a picture of which adorns the back cover of the CD holder for Now’s The Time, to commemorate the heartbreaking loss of his pet elephant, Old Bet, who was one of the first elephants to be brought to America from Africa.  She arrived in Boston in 1804 and was shot to death in Maine in 1816 by a farmer who thought it sinful for poor people to spend money to see an elephant.


When Scott is not sharing his music with fans, he deploys his musical skills to provide comfort at a nursing home at which he is employed for patients who suffer from Alzheimers.


Scott is committed that any music he produces reflects his true authentic spirit, and is enamored of the example set by Pete Seeger, who has retained his connection with his local communities as a non-commercial commercial musician.


Scott enjoys the support of a close-knit community of inspiring musicians including Fred Gillen Jr., Matt Turk, Eric Puente and Julie Corbalis, who have also been guests on Alive with Clive.  In addition, both of Scott’s CDs were recorded at Woody’s House, in Croton-on-Hudson, New York, by Fred Gillen, Jr. 


If you were to describe the theme of Scott’s song, “Don’t,” in two words, they’d be carpe diem, or “seize the day.”  Through the song, Scott reminds us that if we’re not careful we can get caught up in minutiae and distractions in day-to-day living and give preference to posteriorities, while our big dreams are relegated to the backburner.  The song is thus a call, with skillfully-crafted lyrics, for us to give priority to, and take action now on, the matters in our lives that will provide us with the most fulfillment.


Here are a few lines from the lyrics of the song, “Don’t”:


If we could live just like we dream we’d all be satisfied

So open up and let it out get going cause now’s the time

. . . .

One more Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall

Another three hundred sixty five days unfold

As we make our way from the cradle to the grave

Never leave for tomorrow what can be done today

One life that you’re given don’t waste it now,

Don’t hurt yourself, don’t, don’t


Here is the video clip for you to enjoy of Scott Urgola singing “Don’t” on Alive with Clive



To see a video clip of Scott singing one of his other songs, “I Am What I Am When I Wake Up,” on Alive with Clive on The Alive with Clive TV Channel on YouTube, click here. 


For additional information about Scott and to listen to more of his songs, go to and


Scott is currently in 14th place in The Alive with Clive Top 20.  To vote for Scott to move into the top spot in The Alive with Clive Top 20, click here.


To see who else is in The Alive with Clive Top 20, click here. 


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