Song # 3: “Signs” by Irena Hart

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“Signs” by Irena Hart is the third song in The FIRST Alive with Clive Top 20.


Irena, who has appeared on Alive with Clive three times, performed an acoustic version of “Signs,” the thirteenth of fourteen songs on her dynamic CD, Heart Strings, during her third interview on Alive with Clive on July 24, 2009.


Here is a picture of me with Irena that was taken in the TV studio before her interview on Alive with Clive on July 24, 2009: 

Clive Swersky with Irena Hart
Clive Swersky with Irena Hart


This is what you’ll discover about Irena from her Bio on her MySpace page at

Combine pop, dance, a message with spiritual compassion and love and you get Irena Hart.  Born in the Ukraine as Irena Makarchuk, Irena moved to the United States when she was 12 and brought with her a European perspective that provides freshness to her music.  She is a prolific composer with over 100 songs written, and is also an entertainer.  Having developed a fan base in the New York area, Irena is now ready to explode on to the world stage.


There is something uniquely different about this musical beauty.  A trained mechanical engineer, she holds 10 patents that range from medical science to ecologically friendly photo film. With so many talents and gifts, her passions lie with inspiring and empowering the homeless – and for a reason.  She was homeless for two years.  Take Irena’s heart, creativity, intellectual brilliance, and experiences and join them with the innovative American pop producer, Marcus “Bellringer” Bell, and you have a hit album that can move the masses.


Irena’s electrifying album, “Heart Strings,” [with a sound I describe as Lady Gaga meets ABBA], contemplates love and also keeps you “On the Dance Floor.”  The first release off of the album is the title track, “Heart Strings.”  The music video for “Heart Strings” is a display of the struggle to let go of the person you love when you know he or she is no good for you.  The video showcases her talent and creativity as a dynamic artist.  Along with its catchy dance melodies and memorable hooks, the “Heart Strings” album is sure to provide mega-hits across Europe and the US.


Irena is not only an entertainer.  She is also becoming a visible personality and brand.  She has been a freelance reporter for Oasis TV, a Los Angeles based Time Warner Cable TV network; appeared as a musical guest on many radio and television shows, such as WPKN, WICC, WVOF, SIRIUS Radio, and Alive with Clive, to name a few; and was featured in the October 2008 issue of Better Health and Living Magazine as well as in the Connecticut Post.  She wrote the theme music for a TV show, Touchstones (which she also hosted); wrote and recorded the theme song called “It’s Our Turn” for the Boltwic online community; and composed and recorded the Harmony4Kidz theme song, “Save the World.”


Irena has personally touched and affected over 100 homeless kids that sleep on the streets of America.  Her musical talents and the reflection of their plight in her own experience compelled her to form the not-for-profit organization, Harmony4Kidz.  Through Harmony4Kidz, she seeks to feed, clothe, and find shelter for homeless youth all over the world.  Irena has also created a book about her homeless experience called Bermuda Road.  With music and the arts, Irena transforms lives with her authentic story. Her music and personhood have powerful messages and international appeal.


Irena Hart is a happening about to happen.  As she takes the global stage – get ready – and dance!


Irena has been featured in one of my earlier Blog posts, which you’ll find when you click here, about her song, “Save The World.”  She continues to organize and perform at benefit concerts to raise funds for Harmony4Kidz and carry out the mission of the organization.  For more information about Harmony4Kidz, go to


When I think about the song, “Signs,” what comes to mind is a discussion about paying attention to your intuition in the book, Cash In A Flash – Fast Money In Slow Times, by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen, in Chapter 10 – Follow Your Heart:  Access Your Inner Winner, which includes a memorable quote from Oprah Winfrey.


Here are a few pertinent passages from Chapter 10:


“Remember a time when you had a strong hunch about something or someone….  What were the clues you received that let you know that this kind of knowing was special true or real?  How would you describe it? ….


“Heighten your awareness to notice what was going on.  What kind of signals did you process?  Were there any visual clues – flashes of insight or images of future possibilities?  Were there any voices – verbal messages or whisperings?  Did you notice any specific feelings or impressions? ….


“Oprah Winfrey, at a recent California women’s conference, taught a profound lesson about spiritual guidance.  She calls it the Whisper:


God always first speaks to you in the Whisper.  So right now . . . the Universe is whispering to you about your job . . . is whispering about your children . . . is whispering to you about your relationship.  If I were you, I’d take it in the whisper.  Because after the whisper, you get a little thump on your head . . . .  A thump on your head is a message, trying to get through to you.  If you don’t pay attention to that, you end up in a big old problem.  That’s a brick falling upside your head because you didn’t hear it in the whisper.  And if you don’t pay attention to the brick then you get a whole wall of bricks falling down.  Now you don’t have a problem, you’ve got a crisis.  And if you don’t pay attention to the brick wall falling . . . the whole house caves in and you’re in a full-blown disaster.  So what I try to do is get it in the whisper.  Get it in the whisper.  Your life is whispering to you right now.  What is it saying?


“All successful people have learned to be more attuned to the Whisper.  All great successes can be linked back to following these initial spiritual nudgings or peaceful feelings.”


In the song, “Signs,” Irena, like Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen and Oprah, recommends that we pay attention to the signs!


Here are some of the lyrics from the song:


When the sky is filled with rain

And your heart is filled with pain

Can’t get out of all your binds

Pay attention to the signs


Just when you least expect it

Your life will get redirected

The signs were there all along

Your intuition wasn’t wrong


During her interview on Alive with CliveIrena shared that the spark for the creation of the song originated after she made a right turn at a red light after not noticing a sign that said “No Turn On Red,” and a policeman admonished her to “Pay Attention to the Signs!” 


Here’s the video clip for you to enjoy of Irena Hart singing the acoustic version of “Signs” on Alive with Clive:



You can find out more about Irena Hart and hear a few of her other songs at


Irena is currently in third place in The Alive with Clive Top 20.  To vote for Irena to move into the top spot in The Alive with Clive Top 20 Chart, click here.


To see who else is eligible to be in The Alive with Clive Top 20, click here. 


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