“A Second Sighting of the ‘I’m Alive with Clive’ T-shirt!”

Hello Friends:

As previously mentioned, I’ve started to deliver and mail the “I’m Alive with Clive” T-shirts to the “I’m Alive with Clive” T-shirt Launchers, and a couple of weeks ago, I published a Blog post, entitled “The ‘I’m Alive with Clive’ T-shirt Makes It’s Debut!” which you can see when you click here, in which I showed you pictures of Holly Yee, the first person in the world to be seen and photographed in an “I’m Alive with Clive” T-shirt.

This past Sunday, July 4, I had the opportunity to be photographed with another two “I’m Alive with Clive” T-shirt Launchers, Jo Blackwell-Preston, owner of the world-famous Dop Dop Hair Salon in Soho, Manhattan, and her husband, internationally-renowned DJ, DJ Monk. 

We had just been celebrating the magical wedding of mutual friends of ours, during which we also saw the fireworks and sailed out in front of The Statue of Liberty, on a boat on the Hudson River.  Just before we arrived back at Chelsea Piers, Jo was kind enough to don her “I’m Alive with Clive” T-shirt over the dress she wore to the wedding, and strike up playful poses with me for the front and back views of her in her “I’m Alive with Clive” T-shirt.  It wasn’t so easy for DJ Monk to do the same, because (a) he wasn’t wearing a dress (c’mon now, a little bit of humor never hurt anyone, especially DJ Monk!), and (b) he was wearing a tux and the T-shirt wouldn’t fit over the tux. 

I was, however, able to get pictures of Jo and DJ Monk together, and the three of us together, without the T-shirt. 

As mentioned on the “I’m Alive with Clive” T-shirt Launchers Web page, which you’ll see when you click here, Jo is one of the top hair-colorists in the world, and the dynamic force behind Dop Dop, a magnificent hair salon at 170 Mercer Street in Soho that offers a unique whole-vision approach to hair design.  Jo’s innovative style and passionate edge have the Soho crowd buzzing, and her vision to adhere to the artistic principles of hair design transcends the salon.  Dop Dop is setting new lines in the hair design business.  You can find out more about Dop Dop at http://www.dopdop.com

DJ Monk is a much sought after international DJ who divides his time between homes in both New York City and his native Montego Bay, Jamaica.  Wherever he works, he’s known for keeping people grooving on the dance floor while he spins a mix of House music, Hip Hop, R & B, Reggae, Reggaeton and 70’s & 80’s rock.  With more than ten years of professional experience performing in nightclubs, lounges, bars, private parties and events, DJ Monk spins in various cities and resorts around the world, catering to the jet-set elite, the tourist crowd and even college spring breakers.  For more information about DJ Monk, go to http://www.djmonk.net and http://www.myspace.com/djmonk1.

Now, it’s time to show you the pictures.

First, here’s a picture of Jo and DJ Monk together:

DJ Monk with his wife, Jo Blackwell-Preston

Next, here’s a picture of DJ Monk and Jo with me:

DJ Monk, Jo Blackwell-Preston and Clive Swersky

DJ Monk, Jo Blackwell-Preston and Clive Swersky

Next, here’s the picture of a jocular Jo and me, with Jo showing the front of the “I’m Alive with Clive” T-shirt:

Jo Blackwell-Prestonwith Clive Swersky

Jo Blackwell-Preston shows off the front of her "I'm Alive with Clive" T-shirt, with Clive Swersky

And here’s the picture of Jo showing off the back of the “I’m Alive with Clive” T-shirt, with me by her side:

Jo-Blackwell-Preston with Clive Swersky (a rear view)

Jo-Blackwell-Preston points to the wording imprinted on the back of her "I'm Alive with Clive" T-shirt, with Clive Swerky by her side

Again, as you can clearly see, the back of anything black looks much more exciting with the words “Creating An Upward Spiral Of Brilliance and Joy In The World!” imprinted on it!

Now the question on my mind is:  Who will be next to be photographed with me, front and back, while wearing their “I’m Alive with Clive” T-shirt?

The first step to make that happen is to actually own one, and if you haven’t yet ordered yours, you can do so when you click here.

Also, since we’re in the midst of “The Brand New Alive with Clive YouTube Video Clip Contest!” described at http://bit.ly/coqPof , if you do order an “I’m Alive with Clive” T-shirt for yourself now, be sure to select a musician you like from those for whom a video clip is available for viewing on The Alive with Clive TV Channel on YouTube at http://bit.ly/buBONH, and when you place your order mention his or her name.  That way he or she will get credit and be shown on the order-ranking page you’ll see when you click here.

As a reminder, everyone who orders an “I’m Alive with Clive” T-shirt now also gains immediate free access to my new $24.97 book, Quotes To Multiply Your Magnificence – A Compilation of the Most Inspiring and Insightful Quotes of All Time! (which is described in a Blog post you’ll see when you click here), as well as discounts as soon as they’re in place and bonuses that are already available.

In addition, four dollars from the sale of every “I’m Alive with Clive” T-shirt is being used to turn votes for musicians to be in The Alive with Clive Top 20 into dollars for people affected by HIV/AIDS in South Africa.

So, again, to order your “I’m Alive with Clive” T-shirt and help a musician featured in a video clip on The Alive with Clive TV Channel on YouTube win the Alive with Clive YouTube video clip contest described at http://bit.ly/coqPof, click here.

I look forward to seeing you and being photographed with you in your “I’m Alive with Clive” T-shirt soon.

Best regards.


(914) 274-8280

www.alivewithclive.tvmultiplying magnificence one guest at a time!

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  1. Luxury says:

    Here’s the lowdown there is a local gym near me that has a logo design that looks awful. I decided to take the time and design them a logo. What would you do to attract them as a client. What is the right way to show them the logo design. Should I drop it off at the gym?.

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