“‘The Lazarus Effect’: Shining A Light On AIDS In Africa”

Hello Friends:

Within the past couple of weeks, I noticed the promotional announcements for “The Lazarus Effect,” a documentary by Director, Lance Bangs, and Executive Producer, Spike Jonze, presented by (RED), HBO and Anonymous Content.

The 30-minute documentary illustrates the transformative effect of life-saving antiretroviral medicine through the stories of people with HIV in Zambia who were at death’s door.  As shown in the documentary, by taking the ARV medicine – 2 life-saving pills that cost around 40 cents a day – in as few as 40 days, the medicine can help bring people back to life.

I first watched the documentary on YouTube, where you can too, at http://www.youtube.com/joinred.

I also went to a special screening of the documentary on Tuesday, June 1, at 6 p.m. at the Apple store at 103 Prince Street, on the corner of Greene Street in Soho, where I met Lance Bangs, Rita Mbanga, who worked on the documentary with Lance, Jenifer Willig, Global CMO of (RED), and other representatives of (RED).

Here’s a picture of me with Lance Bangs, Director of “The Lazarus Effect”:

Lance Bangs with Clive Swersky

From my perspective, based on answers provided by Lance Bangs to questions he addressed after the screening at the Apple store, “The Lazarus Effect” shows that the ARVs, when properly administered to people before they have been too ravaged by the effects of HIV/AIDS, produce miraculous results. 

I have crystallized the information I have learned about the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa from information at www.joinred.com into what I refer to as the “Seven Startling Stats About AIDS In Africa.”  Here they are:

1.     AIDS is the leading cause of death in sub-Saharan Africa, where it has already killed more than 20 million people, and every day approximately 3,800 people die from the disease.

2.     Of the 33 million people in the world who have HIV, 22 million or 67% live in Africa, yet the continent is home to just 10% of the world’s population.

3.     Women make up approximately 60% of estimated HIV infections in sub-Saharan Africa and, as a result, women and children are the hardest hit by the disease.

4.     An estimated 14.1 million children in Africa have been orphaned because of AIDS already and this number is growing.

5.     More than 1,000 children, most within sub-Saharan Africa, are infected with HIV each day.

6.     While in 2002 only 50,000 people in Africa had access to medication due to its high cost, today 3 million people there are currently receiving treatment.

7.     HIV/AIDS is a treatable and preventable disease, since a person with HIV/AIDS taking 2 ARV pills at a cost of about 40 cents a day can be transformed from sick to healthy in as few as 40 days, and remain healthy provided he or she continues to take the pills every day.

And this is what we can deduce from these stats:

1.     If 3 million people are currently receiving treatment at a cost of about 40 cents a day, the cost to provide the medicine to the 3 million people is approximately $1.2 million a day.

2.     Since 22 million people in Africa currently have AIDS, 19 million with HIV/AIDS are not receiving treatment.

3.     It would cost another $7.6 million a day to provide the medication to the $19 million people who are not currently receiving treatment as well.

4.     The cost to provide all 22 million who currently have HIV/AIDS with medication would be approximately $8.8 million a day.

5.     $8.8 million a day translates into $3.2 billion a year, assuming all the medication could be manufactured.

Based on this information, I am more committed than ever to play whatever role I can to direct attention to the plight of people affected by HIV/AIDS in South Africa and generate funds to assist them. 

For me, that means, first, converting all the votes that have been cast for musicians to be in The Alive with Clive Top 20 into dollars for people affected by HIV/AIDS in South Africa through sales of the “I’m Alive with Clive” T-shirt, and second, creating The Alive with Clive Top 20 compilation CD to be sold to raise millions of dollars for people affected by HIV/AIDS in South Africa.

Four dollars from the sale of every “I’m Alive with Clive” T-shirt will be used to convert votes into dollars for people affected by HIV/AIDS in South Africa.

For a limited time, people who order an “I’m Alive with Clive” T-shirt now also receive my new book, Quotes To Multiply Your Magnificence – A Compilation of the Most Inspiring and Insightful Quotes of All Time! FREE!!!

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