“Michael Lynche: From Alive with Clive to American Idol!”

Hello Friends:

Over the past few years, I must confess, I haven’t paid all that much attention to American Idol.  I’d watch snippets of the occasional show just to see what everyone was talking about, and tune in for the final few episodes to see who’d become the next American Idol, but wasn’t all that impressed with the caliber of performers, and with some exceptions haven’t thought they’re nearly as talented as the musicians I interview on Alive with Clive.  I even wrote a Press Release, which you can read when you click here, to express this view.

A few weeks ago, however, when I was at the TV studio in White Plains where I tape interviews for Alive with Clive, Keith Baker, one of the production supervisors, said to me:  “Clive, did you know that Michael Lynche is doing really well on American Idol?

I interviewed Michael Lynche on Alive with Clive on September 26, 2008, and Keith had remembered that he had been on Alive with Clive.

Sheepishly, I had to acknowledge that I wasn’t aware of that.

So upon my return home that day, I immediately did a Google search for “Michael Lynche American Idol.”

To my dismay, the first item my search revealed was a report that Michael Lynche was disqualified from American Idol because his father leaked word to the press in Florida that he had made it into the Top 24, in violation of the rules of American Idol.

“What a bummer,” I thought to myself.

But then the voice inside my head said, “that can’t be true.  Check some more.”  And check some more I did.

It turned out that the first item I saw was a rumor that was false.

I then found a clip of Michael’s most recent performance on American Idol on the Internet and saw that the American Idol judges, Randy Jackson, Ellen DeGeneres, Kara DioGuardi, and especially Simon Cowell, are all impressed with him. 

In the last two weeks, I have watched almost the entire broadcasts of American Idol, and it’s clear to me that Michael is in fact one of the favorites to be the next American Idol.

His last two performances have been rock solid and he is definitely a polished and accomplished performer.

Since Michael has been interviewed on Alive with Clive, he is also a contender for a slot in The Alive with Clive Top 20.  Unfortunately, however, he isn’t shaping nearly as well in The Alive with Clive Top 20 as he is on American Idol.

At the moment, he is languishing in 41st position, among the contenders with the least number of votes, with just 22 votes.  By way of contrast, Serotonen, the band at the top of The Alive with Clive Top 20 Chart, has 5,380.

So, now, here’s the $64,000 question, which I have posed in my latest Press Release: 

“Will American Idol’s Michael Lynche Be # 1 in The Alive with Clive Top 20?”

To read this Press Release, click here.

Since millions of fans tune into American Idol each week, and many of them are probably becoming fans of Michael, it’s possible that when they realize that Michael doesn’t yet have enough votes to be in The Alive with Clive Top 20, they will rush to support him and vote for him on a daily basis.  For Michael’s sake, let’s hope they do!  And whether or not he is the next American Idol, it would be great for him if he ends up at the top of The Alive with Clive Top 20 too!

To vote for Michael to be in The Alive with Clive Top 20, click here.

In case his fans would like to see his interview on Alive with Clive, I have made a DVD of his interview available for sale for just $19.97, before shipping and handling. 

To see a video clip of Michael singing his “dirty blues” version of the Bill Withers’ classic, “Ain’t No Sunshine,” from this interview on Alive with Clive, click here.

To order the DVD, Michael Lynche on Alive with Clive, click here.

As many of you know, I am also in the midst of launching the first “I’m Alive with Clive” T-shirt to turn votes for musicians to be in The Alive with Clive Top 20 into dollars for people affected by HIV/AIDS in South Africa.  I am selling the T-shirt for $19.97, before shipping and handling, too. 

To order the “I’m Alive with Clive” T-shirt, click here

For a limited time, though, I have decided to create a special offer

Order an “I’m Alive with Clive” T-shirt with the DVD, Michael Lynche on Alive with Clive, and pay just $34.97, including shipping and handling.  That gives fans of Michael Lynche a saving of 60% on the purchase price of the DVD, and $5 from every sale of these two items together will be contributed to people affected by HIV/AIDS in South Africa.  To order these two items, the “I’m Alive with Clive” T-shirt, and the DVD, Michael Lynche on Alive with Clive, together now, click here.

The T-shirt and DVD will be shipped together after the T-shirt has gone into production, and people who purchase a T-shirt with the DVD of my interview with Michael Lynche will gain access to the bonuses and be eligible for the discounts I’ve outlined at http://alivewithclive.tv/votestodollars.htm, but won’t qualify for other benefits being made available to the “I’m Alive with Clive” T-shirt launchers described on that Web page or at http://alivewithclive.tv/tshirtlaunchers.htm.

To take advantage of this limited-time opportunity to order an “I’m Alive with Clive” T-shirt together with the DVD, Michael Lynche on Alive with Clive, click here.

Best regards.


(914) 274-8280

www.alivewithclive.tv — multiplying magnificence once guest at a time!

P.S. To see all the DVDs from Alive with Clive that are currently available for sale, click here.

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