Jeneen Terrana: Baking Her Way To A New CD!

Hello Friends:

Jeneen Terrana, the extraordinarily talented singer/songwriter best known for her song, “My Creation,” which I recommended on this Blog be sung at President Barack Obama’s inauguration, is in the midst of an innovative and inspiring campaign to create a new CD.

Combining her passion for music with her passion for baking, Jeneen has announced, as follows, that she will be meeting in the Park every day for the next several days to share her latest cake creation and sing for the fans who show up to meet her there and taste her cake, cookies or candy:

Jeneen’s 10 Days of Treats!!  Feb. 14-23

Meet me at the park!

You heard right!  Starting on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14th, I will be making a special baked good every day (cookie, cake, candy) and bringing it to the park from 12 to 12:45.  Day 1, 2 and 3 will be in Union Square Park.  If you fuel at the $10 level, you can meet me in the park, eat some tasty treats, and I’ll sing you a song a day from the new CD.

I’ll be posting a new video every morning to show you the featured goodies!!  You can see the video on Facebook or my rocket hub page …

Feb. 14, 15, 16 – Union Square Park

Feb. 17th – Gantry Park (LIC, Queens)
Feb. 18th – Astoria
Feb. 19th, 20, 21 – Bryant Park
Feb. 22 – Central Park
Feb. 23 – Union Square Park

Jeneen has set for herself a goal to raise $4,000 to finance the creation of her new CD, the successor to her current CD, which is also called My Creation, and after her first visit to the park has already raised $870, or 22% of her goal.

This is what Jeneen wrote on her Blog after her first trip to Union Square Park yesterday as part of her campaign:

Day 1 – Jeneen’s 10 days of treats!

By Jeneen Terrana

Day one of “Jeneen’s 10 Days of Treats” was a success!  As I stood on the steps at Union Square Park with my flourless chocolate cake in the cold, I was thinking to myself “Are you nuts?  Nobody’s coming out today!”.  Then, one by one, the friends & fuelers came.  We ate cake and talked and took some pictures.  I pulled the guitar out and my hands were a little numb from the cold but … we did it!!   Thank you to all who came out today…Troy, Benjamin, Gus, Brian, Kana, and Michael.  You all have a special place in my heart!  

This RocketHub project is definitely stretching my creative boundaries.  I love baking and sharing my baked goods but I’ve never tried anything like this!  I hope you will all join me on this tasty journey.  I’ll continue baking for the next ten days.   Tomorrow, I’ll be at Union Square Park again from 12 – 12:45 with carrot cake & cream cheese frosting.   I hope to see you there 🙂 

Posted Feb 15th, 2010 at 12:12 AM EST

Fans who provide “fuel” for Jeneen to meet her goal are rewarded at different levels described on the right-hand side of the RocketHub Web page you’ll see when you click here

Jeneen is one of the musicians in the Alive with Clive Top 20.  She is currently in 10th place and you’ll find the DVD of her first interview on Alive with Clive, which is available for sale, when you click here.

To provide rocket fuel for Jeneen to meet her goal, $15 from the sale of every DVD of Jeneen Terrana on Alive with Clive that is bought between now and the end of her campaign on February 23, 2010, will go to Jeneen.

Everyone who buys a DVD will therefore receive the following:

  • Mp3’s of her new CD
  • A signed new CD
  • A magnet
  • A poster

Furthermore, everyone who buys her DVD will also gain access to the eleven life-enriching bonuses available on one of my Web sites.  To see these bonuses, click here.

In addition, everyone who buys her DVD will be entered in a drawing to win her current CD, My Creation.  There will be TEN winners.  The winners will be announced by email at the end of the campaign.

To purchase your DVD of Jeneen Terrana on Alive with Clive, which features her singing her song, “My Creation,” so you can receive your rewards for helping her to create her new CD and possibly win her CD, My Creation, click here now

(In the unlikely event that Jeneen does not realize her goal, funds provided to her by others through RocketHub will be refunded, but please note that there will be no refunds of DVDs purchased.)

Jeneen is an amazing singer/songwriter and I know that her new CD is going to be awesome.  So let’s show her our love and give her the boost of rocket fuel that will send her career into the stratosphere!

For more information about her RocketHub baking campaign, click here.

To see the Press Release about Jeneen’s campaign, click here.

To purchase your DVD of Jeneen Terrana on Alive with Clive so you can receive all the rewards you’ll get after you do so and experience the joy of knowing that you are helping her to fulfill her dream, click here.

Best regards.


(914) 274-8280

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