“Extraordinary You” by Diana Page

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”Extraordinary You” by Diana Page is the eighteenth song to be featured on my Blog as part of my mission to provide you with inspiration through songs that have been performed by musicians on Alive with Clive in the past couple of years.

Diana performed “Extraordinary You” during her second interview on Alive with Clive on March 13, 2009.

Here is her Bio from her MySpace page, www.myspace.com/dianapage, in her own words:

“I grew up in New York City on the upper east side.  I never considered doing anything else besides music whether it be singing or songwriting.  It just never occurred to me to do anything else.  I’ve been singing on commercials and doing voice-overs since I was 6 years old which has afforded me the luxury to write and record songs at my leisure without playing the part of the struggling artist.  Actually it has been recently that I gave up that role.  I always figured that no one would be interested in someone who was generally a happy person.  Well, that was silly.  In other words, I have found my authenticity — meaning it’s ok to write happy positive songs and still be “cool”.  I would say my childhood was somewhat normal — other than being a busy jingle singer in elementary school. . .  and having a mom that fed us 3 bean sandwiches for lunch when everyone was eating PB&J. . . and meditating when all the other kids were watching TV. . . and moving from New York to Iowa in Jr. High… — Ok well maybe my childhood wasn’t that normal.  But it was happy and loving.  And I mean happy and loving as in I hate my parents and I can’t wait to turn 18 and move out kind of way haha which probably means my parents were doing something right.  I always loved being in the studio the most.  I learned to record myself early on because my dad wasn’t doing it fast enough for me.  (Oh yea and I had full access to my dad’s recording studio.)  So that has been the biggest bonus for me. . . being able to record my own vocals and not have to rely on anyone to engineer.  My other favorite thing is songwriting.  It is so much fun to write songs and collaborate with really talented people.  I still cannot grasp the concept of how a finished song manifests out of nothing.  It’s amazing.  From the moment you sit down and say “ok what should we write about?” to mixing the demo, it’s an adventure.  And after every adventure I smile and feel fulfilled for a fleeting moment until I embark on the next one.” -d

Diana spent time in 2008 and the earlier part of 2009 to write and record a series of spiritually soulful songs with “a healing quality – easy on the ears and uplifting to the spirit” – for a band called Purple Sirus.  These songs can be heard at the MySpace page for Purple Siruswww.myspace.com/purplesirus.

Diana is also an exceptionally talented actress and comedienne, and her talent as such is on display in a humorous clip with an important message for the planet called:  “Don’t Go Paperless!”  Here is the clip:

Because of its positive and uplifting message, her song, “Extraordinary You,” was featured in a Public Service Announcement as part of a campaign for Strong American Schools backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Other artists who participated in the campaign included Jason Mraz, Natasha Bedingfield, Colbie Caillat, Ashanti, and Kanye West.

We all have a critical voice inside our head.  For many, that voice often saps energy, eliminates inspiration, produces anxiety and causes a sense of disempowerment.

“Extraordinary You” is the perfect antidote to that critical voice.

Here is an excerpt from the chorus of “Extraordinary You”:

If you could only see what I’d see you’d realize that

You’re extraordinary no one else can fill your shoes

Every move you make is so uniquely you

You’re extraordinary I know you’re one of a kind

Lucky me I turned around to find

Extraordinary you

Imagine, too, if every person started each day by listening to or singing “Extraordinary You!”  People would be far more likely to revere themselves and each other, and collectively we’d be providing the mindset to create an upward spiral of brilliance and joy in the world!

Here’s the video clip, including the public service announcement for Strong American Schools, for you to enjoy of Diana Page singing “Extraordinary You” on Alive with Clive:

You can find out more about Diana Page at www.myspace.com/dianapage.

Diana is currently 25th on the list of musicians eligible for a slot in The Alive with Clive Top 20.

To vote for Diana to move into The Alive with Clive Top 20 Chart, click here now.

To see who else is eligible to be in The Alive with Clive Top 20, click here now.

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