Turning Votes Into Dollars To Combat AIDS!

A few days ago, I read an encouraging article by Susan Smith Ellis, CEO of (RED), titled One Step Closer to Universal AIDS Prevention and Care, which was posted on October 28, 2009, in The Huffington Post, about the progress being made to combat AIDS in Africa with the support of (RED).

Here are some of the highlights:

  • There are now more than 4 million people on antiretroviral treatments, up from 3 million the previous year.
  • Nearly half of all HIV positive pregnant women who need treatment to help prevent the transmission of HIV to their child during birth are now getting it.
  • Now more people have access to testing and counseling for HIV than ever before.
  • To date, through the sale of (RED)-branded products and (RED)-sponsored special events, (RED) has generated over $135 million for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in less than three years.

In the article, it is noted that while progress has been made toward universal access to medication and treatment, nearly 5 million people who need antiretroviral treatment still can’t get it; half of all HIV positive pregnant women still need access to treatment to help prevent their children from contracting HIV during birth; and the vast majority of people living with HIV are unaware of their infection status because the simply don’t have access to HIV testing.

The following paragraph, in particular, caught my attention:

It can cost as little as 40 cents a day to provide ARV treatment to an individual in Africa and just $26 to provide the medicine to help prevent the transmission of HIV from a mother to her unborn child. These are small things that need to happen on a grand scale.

The article concludes with this statement:

The UN Development Goals set forth a challenge to reverse the spread of AIDS by 2015 and to provide universal access to treatment for those with HIV/AIDS by 2010.  It’s not going to be easy, but it’s possible.  And we’re gaining on it.

After reading this article, I thought to myself:  Imagine if for every vote that is cast for a musician to be in The Alive with Clive Top 20 a dollar went to the Global Fund .

While the number of votes that are cast every day varies, on some days lately more than 90 votes have been cast.  And that is with only a few of the 65 eligible musicians in action to generate votes.

So I began to ask myself what it would take to create a way for the number of votes to be increased and a dollar to be paid to the Global Fund for every vote that is cast.  And guess what:  I have created a plan to make that happen!

The plan is based on the philosophy of synergistic philanthrocapitalism, the exciting new way to do business so that everybody wins — as expounded on one of my Web sites, www.synergisticphilanthrocapitalism.com — and creates a beneficial outcome for every person, entity and group involved.

For my plan to succeed, it’s going to be necessary for me to show to the influential partners, supporters and potential sponsors I will be approaching in the days ahead that lots of votes are being cast on a daily basis – at a minimum, much more than 100 a day.

Under my plan, if at least one hundred and four votes are cast per day, at least $3,120 a month would be made available to the Global Fund.  That would mean that each month at least 120 more pregnant mothers would receive the medicine necessary to prevent the transmission of HIV to their unborn children.

And I know that the fans of the 65 musicians currently eligible for a slot in The Alive with Clive Top 20 can generate much more than 104 votes a day.

While I am not yet ready to reveal my plan to the general public, I can say that it involves giving much more national and international exposure to the musicians who generate the most votes.

So, please, if you’re one of the contenders for a slot in The Alive with Clive Top 20, encourage all your fans to vote for you every day, and if you’re a fan, please organize street teams to obtain votes for the musician or band you are supporting.

Also, if you would like to find out more about my plan or assist me in carrying it out, or know corporate sponsors who’d be willing to do so, please let me know by sending an email to me at clive@alivewithclive.tv with the words “Turning Votes Into Dollars To Combat AIDS!” on the subject line.

Together, we can help to conquer AIDS, save lives, cause healthy babies to be born to mothers with HIV, reverse the spread of AIDS by 2015, provide universal access to treatment for those with HIV/AIDS by 2010, and create an upward spiral of brilliance and joy in the world!

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