“Failure Is Impossible” by Allison Scola

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Failure Is Impossible by Allison Scola is the sixteenth song to be featured on my Blog as part of my mission to provide you with inspiration through songs that have been performed by musicians on Alive with Clive over the past couple of years.

Allison performed Failure Is Impossible during her interview on Alive with Clive on January 9, 2009.

As mentioned in her Bio on her Web site, www.allisonscola.com

After months of working 12 -14 hour days at a top New York advertising agency, songwriter and singer Allison Scola realized that she had missed her true destination by just a few hundred yards:  That moment was when she discovered that day in and day out on her way to the office, she had been walking right past the Brill Building, the songwriting headquarters of the 1940s to 1970s.  Within hours she quit her job, and since has thrown herself into crafting songs and performing.
In 2006, Allison performed in New York’s Columbus Day Parade, and in 2007 she wooed audiences during her Italian Day pre-game performance at the New York Met’s Shea Stadium and Staten Island Yankees Stadium.  In the summer of 2007, her band, Allison Scola Project, was voted a finalist in the CBS News Early Show “Living Room Live! Battle of the Bands Contest.”

Allison creates songs that weave hues of her Italian heritage and fascination with Mediterranean folk culture together with personal accounts of her experience as a modern American artist taking risks in love and life.  Her latest album, A Braver Kind, produced by Janie Barnett and engineered and mixed by Jon Gordon, illustrates her power as a songwriter and musician.  With a voice that’s been described by Music-Reviewer.com as “comforting and all-embracing, like being in the presence of your long lost best friend,” Allison transports listeners to a world where hearts are bursting and dreams come true.

While introducing the song, Failure Is Impossible, during her interview on Alive with Clive, Allison, who studied gender issues and feminism in college, said that “Failure Is Impossible” is a phrase she borrowed from Susan B. Anthony, one of her heroes, who devoted her life to a 72-year struggle to secure voting rights for women and equal rights for all.  The accomplishments of Susan B. Anthony paved the way in 1920, 14 years after her death, for the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment, which gave women the right to vote.  The words, “Failure Is Impossible,” are the last public words of Susan B. Anthony and became the mantra women used to gain the right to vote.

“Failure is impossible,” said Allison, “points to: It’s impossible to fail because you’ve just got to keep pushing forwards.” 

In keeping with this philosophy, there is an acronym I have created for the word F-A-I-L-U-R-E, and it stands for Fully Alive In Life, Unstoppable, Relentless, Ecstatic!

Here are excerpts from the lyrics of Failure Is Impossible:

Obstacles sometimes crowd my path

Step back, brush off, have a laugh

Like the tree I may have to bend

Then I’ll swing back again

. . .

Failure is impossible

Failure is impossible

Anything is possible

When you’re determined to achieve a goal, it helps a lot to take heed of Susan B. Anthony’s words, as echoed by Allison in her song, and remind yourself that “Failure Is Impossible.”

Here’s the video clip for you to enjoy of Allison Scola singing Failure Is Impossible accompanied by Janie Barnett on Alive with Clive:

You can find out more about Allison Scola at www.myspace.com/allisonscola as well as at www.allisonscola.com, where you’ll find several video clips of her singing songs at DROM, the venue for her CD Release party for A Braver Kind.

Allison is currently in 5th place in The Alive with Clive Top 20. 

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