“Cradle The Moon” by Cassandra Kubinski

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Cradle The Moon by Cassandra Kubinski is the fourteenth song to be featured on my Blog as part of my mission to provide you with inspiration through songs that have been performed by musicians on Alive with Clive over the past couple of years.

Cassandra performed Cradle The Moon, the third song on her CD, Hold The Sun, during her first interview on Alive with Clive on June 15, 2007. 

As mentioned in her Bio on her songwriterck My Space page:

Composer, lyricist, and vocalist Cassandra Kubinski lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee, and New York City, where she is also a noted artist, studio vocalist, and vocal arranger on the songs she demos.  An award-winning songwriter, her work appears internationally on record, stage, and screen.  Cassandra is now focusing on actively pitching her catalog of hundreds of songs in the pop, country, R&B, singer/songwriter, folk, theatre, and rap collab genres to established talents, and writing with and for top producers and artists.

Cassandra began songwriting with an eye towards making it her profession while attending Florida State University for theatre (she was a professional actress from age 13, racking up credits from the 20th anniversary production of “Annie” to the film “Finding Forrester” and the TV show “Spin City”).  At 20, Cassandra moved to NYC and has since spent her time touring from the Northeast to Jamaica to the West coast to Germany (and more to come!), opening along the way for The Nelson Brothers, Anna Nalick, Ingram Hill, the October Project, Dickie Betts, and others.  Borders Books and Music also sent her and Hold The Sun on a Spring 2008 national store tour.

Cassandra will soon be seen in an independent film called Clear Blue Tuesday, which is a rock movie musical slated for festival release in 2009.  It follows the journey of 11 characters beginning right after 9/11 and explores how 9/11 was a catalyst for change in their lives.  You can find out more about this movie at www.clearbluetuesday.com

Cassandra has previously been featured on my Blog in the post, “The ‘PATH’ To Creativity,” and the post, Let’s Show Our Support For Cassandra!,” as well as in Press Releases I have written about her, which you can see when you click here and here.

My personal view is that Cassandra Kubinski is one of the most brilliant, talented and amazing songwriters in the world today!

Cradle The Moon is a song about being in an uplifting relationship, such that when life is beating you up and wearing you down, you come home to the one you love who believes in you and inspires you and you once again become empowered to tackle the challenges you face in life with renewed strength and vigor.

Here are lyrics from the song:

And I get so defeated, just tryin’ to hold on

When I can’t hold my head up, my spirit is gone

Then I come home to you, when I’m safe in your arms

I can hold the sun, and cradle the moon

. . . .

Oh, how you comfort me!

Do you know what that means to me?

When all of my dreams seem stuck behind bars

You give me the stars!

In its essence, Cradle The Moon is a song that reminds us to be in dialogue — rather than be trapped by the monologue of disempowering voices inside our heads – and allow others around us who love us to provide support and nurturing for the fulfillment of our dreams.

Here’s the video clip for you to enjoy of Cassandra performing Cradle The Moon, accompanied on guitar by James Adamo, on Alive with Clive:

You can find out more about Cassandra at www.ckubinski.com, www.myspace.com/cassandrakubinski and www.myspace.com/songwriterck

Cassandra Kubinski is currently in 8th place in The Alive with Clive Top 20. 

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