The Top 10 Reasons Why I LOVE Concerts!

Hello Friends:

Remember Victor Kiam?  In advertisements for Remington razors, he used to say:  “I liked Remington razors so much, I bought the company.”

Well, I like concerts so much, I decided to create The First Alive with Clive Top 20 Concert.

Here are The Top 10 Reasons Why I LOVE Concerts:

1.  It’s all about the ENERGY!

Whenever I’m at a concert, I feel myself buzzing with energy.  The music most definitely causes a release of endorphins that make me feel GOOOOD!

2.  Concerts are FUN!

I don’t recall ever seeing depressed people at concerts.  People are there to have a good time and once the music starts they begin to loosen up and be happy and free.

3.  You meet GREAT PEOPLE!

I have met some of the most creative, enlightened and inspiring people I have ever known at concerts.  Many of them have become great friends and have enabled me to have marvelous guests on Alive with Clive.  

4.  It’s about SELF-EXPRESSION!

From what I have noticed about people, many are constrained by decisions that are limiting their self-expression.  Musicians who perform at concerts have conquered fears and overcome barriers to their self-expression, and are expressing their God-given talents.  It’s always good to be around that!

5.  It’s also about SELF-ACTUALIZATION!

As noted on the Home Page of, there is genius within every one of us.  The question is:  Are you going to manifest the genius that is within you?  By attending concerts, I know I’m in the arena where musicians performing are manifesting the genius that is within them.

6.  It’s always a NEW EXPERIENCE!

Whether it’s discovering a new neighborhood, experiencing a new venue, hearing new songs, or meeting new people, it’s all about doing things you’ve never done before and that’s what keeps life interesting and exciting. 

7.  You create MEMORIES!

When I think back to the concerts I’ve attended, I have vivid and fond memories of the good times I’ve had and the people I’ve met, as well as the relationships I’ve established.  Often, too, the memories are captured in the pictures I have taken.  Whether it was seeing Cassandra Kubinski at The Cutting Room or Googie’s Lounge, Jessica Labus at The National Underground or Crash Mansion, Allison Scola at DROM, or Kylie Edmond with Dani Tersini and Robert Daniels at The Starving Artist Cafe, I remember the experience like it was yesterday.


When I am at concerts, because of the combination of the music I’m hearing, the lyrics of the songs that are being sung and the people I am meeting, I always think of ideas that enable me to solve problems or overcome hurdles.  So, it’s clear to me that concerts represent an environment in which creativity flourishes.


After an intense, energy-sapping, day or week at work, attending a concert is an ideal way to unwind, relax, and allow yourself to be invigorated and even inspired.

10.  It’s all about AN UPWARD SPIRAL!

When you combine all these reasons, by feeding off the energy of the musicians who are being fully self-expressed and self-actualizing, and providing energy to them with your presence, you’re helping to create an upward spiral of brilliance and joy in the world!

So, people, I’m looking forward to seeing you at The First Alive with Clive Top 20 Concert at Waltz-Astoria on May 30 from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

The three performers — Anthony Melillo and The Melillo Brothers, Serotonen and Jessica Labus — are fabulous and bursting with energy, so I know they are going to provide all of us with an incredible time!

For more information about this concert, see the blog post entitled “The First Alive with Clive Top 20 Concert” on this Blog.

To see the Press Release about this concert that has been posted on the internet, click here now.

To purchase tickets now before they are all sold so you can be sure you gain admission to this concert, click here now.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the concert.

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