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She’s made millions of dollars from singing and entertaining people all over the world.  She is arguably the most successful entertainer of our time.  And now, she is in the midst of attempting to adopt a four-year old girl from another culture on another continent


Of all the famous people who inhabit the planet at the moment, I have to say that over the years one of the few who has fascinated me the most is Madonna.


Year after year, she has reinvented herself to stay at the top of her game and dazzle the world with her exploits.


Whether she’s touring the world on her Sticky and Sweet Tour, dating models half her age, becoming disentangled from an alleged affair with a baseball star, extricating herself from a marriage, or adopting children from other countries, she never ceases to provide interest and intrigue.


And now, based on a recent news report on msn, she is doing whatever it takes to adopt a four-year old Malawian girl by the name of Chifundo “Mercy” James to join her 3-year old son, David, who she also adopted from Malawi in 2006, her 12-year old daughter, Lourdes, and her 8-year old son, Rocco.


Since she has made millions of dollars, she could quite easily sit back, relax, put her feet up and take time to enjoy the wealth she has amassed with her already existing family, but no, she has chosen to follow through on what her heart is calling her to do in Malawi – in the face of major criticism from representatives of Save the Children UK and others.


I haven’t yet asked people I know for their views about whether or not they think it’s a good idea for Madonna to be adopting this young girl from Malawi, and I can appreciate arguments for both sides, but – as mentioned in a Press Release I just issued with the headline that reads Alive with Clive’s Clive Commends Madonna For Her “PDC” In Her Latest Malawian Adoption Quest! my view about the matter is that I admire Madonna for her “PDC,” which stands for public display of courage, to proceed with her plan to adopt the young girl in spite of the criticism she is receiving, because it is something she wants to do.


I once read part of the transcript of an interview with Madonna on msn.  She was asked this question:


“As the music world changes, you’ve been called a master at reinventing yourself.  What’s the secret to staying current?”


And this was her response:


“I think it’s because I’m curious.  I pay attention to what’s going on around me.  I’m always looking for new energy, new talent, new voices.  When you do that, I think it’s easier to come up with fresh ideas.  It’s not that my career has been based on surprising people, but it’s been about challenging myself – to constantly do new things that are going to broaden my own mind and in the process, hopefully, connect with other people.”


Her response reminds me of this great quote by Seneca that was sent to others and me recently by Brian Johnson, who writes PhilosophersNotes:


“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.”


What’s the lesson in all of this? 


Is there something big, bold, audacious and even outrageous you’d like to do, but have been stopped by the critical voice inside your head and the opinions of others telling you not to?


Whether or not you think it’s a good idea for Madonna to adopt Chifundo “Mercy” James, perhaps you can learn from her and do the thing the voice inside your head and others are telling you not to – anyway – if that’s what you’re called to do! – so that you too can “broaden [your] own mind and in the process, hopefully, connect with other people.”


If you have comments about this blog post, please share them below.  I look forward to receiving and reading them.


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